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Hi, we’re Imprivata!

We’re the digital identity company that healthcare trusts. Solving problems is in our DNA, and we’re always innovating to ensure that our customers are prepared for any challenge they come up against.
We're Imprivata
We're Imprivata

A tradition of solving challenges through creativity

Since 2002, Imprivata has sought to simplify the complexities that stand in the way of seamless security. Today, that means we aim to ensure that care providers can focus on what’s most important: patients.
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Our strength as a company is that our entire team is committed to improving healthcare. Our clinical team keeps us honest in that pursuit, and our executive team fearlessly leads us forward.
Gus Malezis, President & CEO

Fuel your future (and eat well)

At Imprivata, our teams are encouraged to exchange ideas - and as a community we’re strongest when everyone is heard. Okay, being well-fed doesn’t hurt either.
We're Imprivata


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Find meaning in helping others

We’re as committed to acting charitably as we are to helping customers succeed. Company-wide volunteer activities, donation drives, and fundraising campaigns aim to improve the lives of youth in the communities where we work.
We frequently welcome youth to our office for hands-on STEM activities.
Imprivata mentors help BUILD participants take their product from prototype to profit.
We’re always giving back to the community — even during President’s Club.

We don't like to brag about being the best, so we let others do it for us: from our products to our workplace, we're recognized for our excellence.

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Cultivating the next generation of leaders through the Imprivata Leadership Development Program

Our leadership development program is designed to foster growth and invest in future leaders.
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Employee spotlight: Meagan Tobin, IT Services Technician

Meagan discusses her position at Imprivata, why she enjoys it here, and what she likes to do outside of work.

One team that feels like family

Imprivata team members share similar values, goals, and interests, no matter where they call "home." We welcome the differences in people and celebrate their diversity. When you join the team, expect friendly faces, casual gatherings, and opportunities for personal and professional growth.